Post 004: What’s the point?


My boy. The most important person in my life.

I’ve been spending some time reflecting recently on what motivates me. This idea is so important. My life is improving quickly now because I am developing my purpose. It has allowed me to find the internal reasons that I want to have success in life. Nathan is a huge part of that and there are other things to that are massively important to me.

I won’t share all of my purpose statement, but I will give you a little flavour of what I wrote down.

This isn’t the finished article, and it seems like the refinement and improvement of my purpose statement will be a task for life.

I do it for my wife because she is my partner for the rest of our lives. I want us to have the best that we can.

I do it for Nathan and Alicia to put the high achieving mind-set into them with Annemarie’s help. I want them to be resourceful, happy people who can navigate life with confidence and have mental, spiritual and emotional maturity.

I do it for my mum to repay her for giving me life and working so hard all her life and sacrificing so much to give me the childhood she did.

I do it for my brother to show him the blueprint so that he can follow.

I do it for my dad because he gave me life and I know he loved me.

Have you spent time to think about your purpose?

Why do you want to have success?

What does success mean to you?

All the best.


I need this so that my children can be around and be inspired by a mum and dad who believe in and live a life of success and purpose.