Post 015: Forget new years resolutions! Do this instead.


Seven rituals I’m going to maintain for 2014.

I used to make New years resolutions on the 1st of January and inevitably I wouldn’t keep them. I was puzzled as to why they didn’t work. I think now that the behaviour changes that I had proposed were not in alignment with how I viewed myself. Therefore the changes didn’t feel natural. Yet again, the new-year feeling is going to be hitting everyone. This is the only time of the year when most people take stock of how they have been doing and make an attempt to make things better for themselves. I will set some goals, but I am more focussed on developing powerful rituals that will lead to success, balance and happiness in all areas of my life.

1: Become focussed on constant improvement.

When I’m making progress with something, I feel better. I’ve noticed that focussing on becoming better in all areas is what leads to satisfaction. My goal is to think of small improvements that I could make in my health, relationships, family life and career and to start implementing them.

2: Give attention to all aspects of myself.

When I take care of all aspects of myself, I am a better person to be around. Developing my spirit makes me more appreciative of everything I have and my place in the world. Developing my mind gives me more information that helps with my decision making. Developing my heart allows me to see the true path that I should be following. This in turn affects the choices I make and the standards I set for myself. Developing my body gives me vital energy and strength. If I can be faithful to myself during the course of 2014, I will make tremendous progress with my goals.

3: Create the image of the person I want to be and be it now.

Counter intuitive as it sounds, acting as the person I want to be who already has all the things that I want will have a profound effect upon the choices I make and the way that I approach all situations. It sounds strange, but I need to see the world in the way I want it to be for me, which will then allow me to become that person. If I can’t see it first, then it will never become a reality. Seeing myself as a writer led to me starting this blog. Seeing myself as a loving husband and father allows me to focus on balance in my personal life. Seeing myself as financially free has made me start small steps towards that goal already.

4: Become in tune with my feelings.

Antony Robbins believes that all feelings that we have give us messages and clues that we need to take some action of some kind. When I ignored my feelings in the past, they didn’t go away but became gradually stronger. They started as a whisper, then a shout and then a scream that forced everything else out of my head and took all of my attention. I don’t want that happening again, so I now choose to acknowledge my feelings and heed the message that my intuition is giving me.

5: Use my voice.

In the past I have been someone who hasn’t always expressed themselves. I sometimes did this through fear of my ideas being rejected or because I didn’t want to come across as confrontational. When I think of the person I want to become that will lead to having the things I want to have, using my voice is an essential aspect of that person. I have come to accept that not everyone will think the same as me and that’s ok. There will be times when people are going to doubt my view and doubt me. I now realise that other people’s opinions of me is of no concern of mine. When you can let go of caring about what everyone thinks of you, you feel so much lighter and free. In the past I have been so shackled by the opinions of others that it has stopped me taking action. This can happen no more.

6: Being awake and aware.

Everything we need is all around us if we just look. I have sometimes said to some of the children in my class that they are asleep with their eyes open. What I mean by that is that they are not fully engaged with the activity that is happening around them and as a result have limited returns from their learning. I have been guilty of this sometimes in my own life. I have been somewhere physically, but have not engaged fully with the environment or people around me. This tends to be when I am lost in my head over thinking things. I am going to really focus on developing my awareness of what is happening around me and the messages I am being sent. Feedback is only as valuable as what you do with it. The most successful students I have had take on board my ideas for how they can get better and develop rapidly. I want to model that student teacher relationship with experiences in my life. I want to become aware of the possibilities that are available to me, and being more conscious and in control of my state.

7:  Counting my blessings

I live an awesome life. As I write this, I have a beautiful wife, an amazing young son, a baby on the way (any minute now) and I have a career. I know what direction I want to take my life in the future, and I am willing to make the necessary changes to myself in order to get closer to my goals. I must never forget to appreciate my life. My mindset is one of appreciation and gratitude. Money will come and go. There will be good and bad times. Right now, things are awesome but I know the seasons of life always change. Some events will be so bad, that I will want to give up. I know this and accept it and will do everything in my power even within those hard times, to count the blessings that I have at that point and to persist.

I hope that these rituals will help me to manifest everything that I want for myself and my family in 2014 and beyond. When I approach my goals with these rituals in place, then my chances of success are far greater because of the person I will become.

Best wishes for the end of 2013 and the start of 2014. Are there any goals or aspirations that you are aiming for this up and coming year?

Go for them with enthusiasm and intensity.

Here’s to your success.