It’s your time!

I heard an inspirational song this weekend when I was cooking dinner for my family. It’s catchy and the lyrics are motivating. The premise of the song is to really go for what you want. It makes references to God being behind you and on your side. Now whether you believe in God or not, there is something to be said about belief and faith to power you forward. Whenever I have achieved notable things in my life, I’ve had to struggle and fight with fear and laziness, and kick them in the ass. Faith is the way to do it.
Faith is what pushes you forward when there is no evidence around you that things will work out. When watching high level performers, the unifying factor they all have is belief in their abilities.
Do you have faith that you are going to achieve the goals you have set for yourself?
Belief might be the most important factor.
Before I signed up for total warrior this summer, I was undecided about whether I was going to take part. As soon as I made the commitment and signed up, my actions became easier. I trained consistently, got into good aerobic shape and performed really well on the day.
I had faith in my ability to succeed and did not entertain the thought of not competing and giving it my all. Here are my top tips for keeping and strengthening the faith.

Unleash the beast!

Unleash the beast!

1. Take action!!!!!!!!!!! Activate your beast mode.

Before Total warrior, my fitness was not up to par, so I set myself a challenge. Every Monday, I would set myself the challenge of running to the bottom of West Vale, and then turning back and running back uphill all the way to the peak. To put this in context, This hill is constantly uphill for about forty five minutes. At points it’s so steep that I never imagined that I could get to the top. Every Monday I would lace up my trainers and go for it again with the simple mantra of one more step than last week. After two months, I conquered the hill. Not only that, but I started to thrive on the hills and enjoy the feeling of dominating what I once thought was impossible.
I have never felt so powerful from running and this pumped so much belief and faith into me that I couldn’t wait to get to the race day and push myself. Beast mode is a state of feeling but you can’t just tap into it straight away. You have to develop it through persistent consistent effort no matter what the memes say.
2. Have a partner in crime.
Having someone training with you or helping you develop a skill or capacity is extremely powerful. You have that person then who knows what you are going through and can encourage you, as well as keep you accountable to what you agreed to.

3. Visualise yourself succeeding.
I had never really practiced visualisation before until I came across the practice in Tom Venuto’s book ‘Burn the fat feed the muscle.’ It then seemed like every book I read on personal development and health talked about it’s power. I have not yet made this a consistent practice yet and it is something I am incorporating far more these days. However the early benefits warrant the reviews. It gives me clarity and purpose and is a daily reminder of what I want to achieve with my life.

4. Study those who have done what you want to do and learn from them (mentorship)
Nothing is more powerful than a role model. They give you the faith that what you want to achieve is possible because they have done it themselves. If you can speak with some of these people, then you are on the fast track to success because they can share their strategies and ideas with you that might make the difference between struggling alone and really blossoming into your true potential. My mentor has really helped to develop my mind-set and as I grow and develop, I will look to other mentors to learn even more from.

There are four strategies that would go a long way to helping you develop your belief and faith in yourself and the things you want to make happen. Now go get it!
Are there any other strategies that you would include in this list? Do you already use any of these techniques successfully. If so it would be great to hear from you.
I wish you the best

Post 019: How to create momentum.


I have been testing a new habit building technique in an attempt to finally drink enough water during the day. I came across a fantastic video by you tube strength expert Eliot Hulse where he describes the power of three technique.

The principle behind it is that you set yourself a goal and try to stick to it for three days only. Once you master that, you congratulate yourself for completing it and then try to stick to your habit change for three weeks. The momentum built during this three week period means that you are much more likely to stick with the habit once this period is over. After the success of going for three weeks, then you can start the process of maintaining the same habit for three months. Once that 3 month period is over, the habit will be fully formed.

I am three weeks into this technique with drinking at least three litres of water a day and I have found it to be a very successful technique. It has worked well because instead of thinking about having to maintain a habit forever, you focus on maintaining within phases of time. This has been easier for me to cope with mentally and feels much more likely to be a success. The three month phase that I have just started just feels like more of the same. I am already fully in the swing of keeping the habit going so it’s just a case of seeing it out to the end.

To help with this, I have used a calendar app called streaks that allows you to tract your consistency with your goals. When you achieve your goal for the day, you can put a red cross onto your calendar for that day. This is very satisfying and visual. More importantly, once you get a good run going, you feel more committed to not breaking the pattern you have started. I have found using these two techniques together has resulted in me being very consistent and I have not dropped a day since starting.

Every two weeks, I then set up a new habit to track and maintain. This means that I can get all of my goals up and running quite quickly without trying to do everything all at once. I tried that last year and felt overwhelmed with the task.

The snowball effect is working well for me so far. Hopefully it will allow me to create some excellent habits to take me forward during 2014. It might be a strategy you have never considered before that might help you find success.

Expect the best!