The real reasons I gained weight and the real solution to it.

The real reason I’ve struggled with weight gain

For the last year since my daughter was born, I’ve watched my weight steadily increase. I’ve been disappointed about this and annoyed, but in the cold light of day I cannot be surprised. People often come up with lots of weird and wonderful reasons why their weight has increased and how puzzling it is to them since they hardly eat anything.

I for one am not that naïve. I know exactly why my weight has been creeping up and up. There are two main reasons.

  1. I used to rely on exercise to help keep my weight down and I don’t have the time to exercise for as long anymore.
  2. My diet has been inconsistent.

It really is as simple as that. I have been blissfully unaware of how poor my eating habits had gotten, thinking to myself in a state of grand delusion, that I could just stop and start dropping weight whenever I wanted.  The only problem with this thinking was that it was not true. I was eating so much that I was craving the feeling of being really full. Every time you go for that you have to eat that little bit more.  A twelve inch pizza becomes a 14 inch next time. A 50 gram bag of crisps becomes 100gr and so on.

I was completely in denial as well. I had deliberately not weighed myself thinking that would make things easier to cope with, but the body never lies. I could feel that I was heavier, and my clothes all of a sudden felt like they had been shrunk.

I could have gone blissfully unaware but eventually, I had to face reality. I braced myself and faced the music. The results were not pretty and I underestimated my weight by a few pounds as well, but it was the reality. I felt better knowing exactly where I stood and what would be needed to make improvements to my weight.

One thing I have learnt to do during this time is accept myself for the person that I am. My thinking has shifted from you will be happier when you are a particular weight to be the best you can be on this day at this size. I’ve realised that I will only get to live this day once, so I want to make the best use of it that I can. Stressing over what has been or what may be is a waste of energy that could be put to better use.

Focussing on being the best I can be for that day makes sticking to healthy habits easier. I have found that setting large goals in the past has been difficult because I get daunted by the journey and worry that I might not be able to make it. Instead of that, focussing on the present moment and the day breaks the goal down into small manageable chunks. Setting the goal and working towards it daily feels like a good approach. You need the long term vision to see the overall direction, but then need to become adept at winning each day as it comes.

So what tactics am I going to use in order to get my health back on track?

  1. Consistent diet.
  2. Regular strength training.
  3. Daily movement and general physical activity.
  4. Lots of water
  5. A good dose of micronutrients daily (vitamins and minerals)
  6. When possible, get earlier nights for better sleep and reduction in stress.

I’m sure it will work if I remember to focus on each day as it comes and win enough little victories to create consistent healthy habits that last years.

I wish you the best.

Why I’m sick to the back teeth of diets!!!

I’ve followed a few eating protocols down the years with a very similar pattern happening each time. Focus hard and lose weight, then somewhere down the road falling into old habits again and being back at square one. This doesn’t make sense. Why is it that people who put in less effort than me sometimes lose weight really easily whereas I’m there struggling for every pound?
I think the problem has been in the struggle. With all the rules, protocols, meal timings, meal plans and the hate campaigns on whole food groups, I became a little lost and confused. One guru would tell you eat only low carb. Someone else would say the exact opposite. Arguments in fitness and nutrition seem to be an annoying constant.
Inspired by the work of weight loss expert Jon Gabriel, I have decided to abandon any ideas of diet, restriction and regimentation from my eating. It sounds counter-intuitive, and that’s why I like the idea. Do I want to track my calories on my fitness pal or something similar? No. Do I want to weigh myself every day because what gets measured gets managed? No. What get’s measured too emotionally leads to negativity that has always surrounded all my weight loss efforts. This time needs to be a very positive experience where I believe that it is possible to get the exact result that I want.
The brain will always lead you towards pleasure, so I’m going to eat the healthiest foods possible that I find a joy to eat. I’m going to workout in ways that fit my lifestyle. I’m going to use extremely quick and effective workouts that make me feel fantastic each day.
I don’t want to be a fitness model, and I’m not particularly bothered about being overly lean and ripped. I want to be healthy, fit and have a decent physique with the least amount of time spent on requiring it. I don’t want to wear my fitness like some badge of honour over others and certainly have no interest in obsessing over training or eating or anything else of that nature. I’ve proven to myself that forcing things in that way doesn’t work in the long term for me.
To be honest, I’m sick of getting so stressed out about how I look. It is still one of my major challenges that started in my younger days when family members would make negative comments about my weight. They didn’t realise the damage they did to me and that I still struggle with it some days. But those days are over and I have moved on. I don’t give a monkeys what anybody thinks about the way I look anymore. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if I don’t lose a single pound, but I feel healthy and energetic, then I can accept myself as I am today till the end of my days.
I’m going to eat what I want, when I want and as often as I want. Hopefully, this will then allow my body to realise that food is abundant and there is no shortage. I have always been healthiest when taking this approach and it leads to me making healthier choices most of the time because no food is seen as bad or off limits to me.
Rant over
Be awesome.