Natural success: What gets measured gets managed

Principle 3 : Monitor progress and make adjustments.

I’m back and talking about my garden again. You can check out part two here:

and part one here :

Another principle of success that was made clear to me from looking after my garden was to monitor progress and keep a close eye on results.

Once the plants were established, growth started to happen at different rates. It seemed as though I had everything cracked, and then the slugs came.

One night it rained very heavily. The following morning, I looked out of the window and was devastated to see that the slugs had stripped to of my plants down to stubs. They had also eaten holes in the leaves of my growing blueberry tree.

Obviously, I was livid and disappointed. I had spent so much time doing all of the things needed to get the garden ready, and now it had been damaged. I had been naive to think that mother nature would pass over my back yard. It was time to take a stand and respond. I took action quickly to rectify the damage, and most of my plants recovered within a month. The lesson I learned here was to be aware of the factors that could affect your success. If I had given up at that point, the garden would have been ruined for the year.

If you have a set a goal, be aware of the results you are getting, and the factors that could affect your results. If you are not tracking your progress, you are winging it rather than systematically striving towards success. There will be ups, downs and slugs, but you can recover when you spot the signs early and adjust course.

Things to consider

Are you monitoring your results in the key areas in your life?

I wish you the best

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