The happiness menu

The happiness list

Can you name 10 things that would make you happy instantly?

This idea I took from the Chimp Paradox. It is a way of giving yourself options in order to raise your happiness instantly. What small things could you do at any moment to raise your level of happiness?

I chose things such as

*Being outdoors.

*Listening to some of my favourite music.

*Reading a great book.

*Counting my blessings.


Knowing what things can make you happy instantly is powerful because it allows you to be in control of your state and to choose what action you are going to take in order to feel better. We can be far more active in our level of happiness and sometimes feeling happy requires on our part.

Once you have your instant happiness list, you can also create a list of things that you could plan that would raise your happiness. Again, the point is to include simple things that are easy to do and that you will look forward to in the near future. Things like having a meal with friends, date night with your partner, or going out on a trip with your children. Once you have established what those things are that truly make a difference in your life, then plan for at least one of those things to happen.

Taking the time to know what activities will make you happy allows you to plan these things into your life. I see the instant happiness list as a way to boost my mood if I am struggling to stay positive or I am annoyed about something. We all have those moments, so it’s good to have a trick up your sleeve when you need it.

I would suggest going away and really thinking about how much effort you put into making sure that you are happy.

Have you ever considered what the simple pleasures are in your lives that make you happy?

Are you making time for those things?

Remember a good life is a balanced one. Your happiness and state of mind is just as important as a good career and good physical health.

I wish you the best.

5 thoughts on “The happiness menu

    • It’s a great idea because it reminds us so powerfully that we are in control and can influence our happiness far more than we realise. I’m glad the idea was of value to you. What’s going to be on your list? Have a great day.

  1. David Firby says:

    Simple yet so effective – I know that I, for one, don’t often reflect on the things that make me happy – very empowering once again, Shaun!

    • Thanks Dave. I think it’s important to have these things ready for when you need them most. Knowing what can instantly make you happy puts you in control of how you feel most of the time and just makes life that little bit better.
      Thanks for reading I really appreciate it.

      • David Firby says:

        You’re so right, it’s massively important to have an arsenal of things at the ready for when you need them. I am sure that this is a great way to break those habits that you may unconciously move towards in a bit to alleviate stress – I do like to snack on something sugary after a hard day off work which, of course, is fine – but at what point does this mode of instant gratification work against more long term goals that are health-related? And does having a bar of chocolate actually make me happy in the short term, nevermind in the long term? Not really, but it’s become habitual for me at this moment in time. As you allude to, things like a date night or time with the children has a double impact as the short term and long term benefits are fantastic – you have given me a lot to think about!! Thanks once again!!

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